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Celebrity Rehab” star Frankie Lons the mother of singer Keyshia Cole is back in jail this morning after cops say they found her in possession of “drug-related material” sources say.

Law enforcement say cops stopped Frankie for a routine traffic violation yesterday when they noticed an active warrant out for her arrest stemming from a probation violation.

We’re told cops then performed a search and found “drug-related material” on her person.

Lons was arrested and transported to a nearby jail where she was booked for the probation violation and misdemeanor possession of drug-related material.

This morning, Lons is still in custody.

Former Flavor of Love winner Hoopz and her current boyfriend Shaquille O’Neal left Boston reporters in amazement as they worked out together during an upcoming segment on WCVB in Boston. A few months ago, The Boston Globe reported that Hoopz is filming a reality show based on her suburban life and her desire to become a women’s health and self-defense guru.

President Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama stopped by The Oprah Winfrey Show finale

One of the first things he and Oprah talked about was the foolywang conversations that he was not an American citizen.

Oprah asked him, ‘When it first came up, were you thinking, I hope I was born here?’

‘Can I just say I was there, so I knew,’ President Obama said. ‘I knew I had been born. I remembered it.

President Obama continued by saying he had released his long-form birth certificate as a way of getting the country to focus on the issues again.

‘Two weeks ago a huge debate was initated about where our budget needs to go.  During the course of this major debate where I gave a big speech and the Republicans voted on their proposal, the biggest news was this birth certificate thing.

‘I said to my team, look, even though this is not usually what the state of Hawaii does…Even though the Republican governor of Hawaii, the Democratic governors of Hawaii, all the various officials had confirmed that I was born here, let’s ask them for a special dispensation where they will go ahead and provide us with the original to see if we can put this to rest.

‘We are living in a very serious time. And America has huge potential and opportunity to seize the 21st century. We’re only gonna get there, though, if we have a serious conversation about the things that matter to people.”


Kelly Price has released the second single off her Kelly album and it’s called “Not My Daddy.”  The song features Stokley of Mint Condition and we have the video for you.


Laz Alonso covers the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine. In the feature, the former Investment Banker turned actor discussed life after Wall Street, dating while in the spotlight and his upcoming film, Jumping The Broom.

On Relationships & Dating While in the Spotlight Your boy is single. However, I have a strict policy about my personal life. You can’t let people into certain things in your life. Otherwise, you can’t get them out. They didn’t burst in. You let them in. So, when it’s time to kick them out, and they don’t go, it’s on you. [It’s harder to date in the spotlight] because you have to work harder in keeping things away from the public’s consumption. People who love and support you will do so no matter who you date, but people who don’t love and support you are the ones who will do whatever it takes to end that relationship for whatever reason. I’m not trying to give those who don’t support me more ammunition to shoot me down. They have to work hard to shoot me down. On Approaching Women It depends on the setting. I won’t approach a woman at a grocery store or gas station. If the conversation naturally strikes up, and I’m feeling the energy, then I’ll ask for a number and see where it leads. One time, I tried to approach a woman on the street in passing, but I crashed and burned. It’s a special skill, and I know guys who do that well, but I’m not that guy. On Being Considered a Sex Symbol I don’t because I’m very silly and goofy. In my personal life they know I’m just Laz. I do work out a lot, and there are things I do for myself and my business. I gotta stay in shape for my profession, and I like the way my clothes fit, and I’m more energetic. But I just appreciate that people feel I’m attractive and support what I do and how I do it. On the Similarities Between His Jumping the Broom Character & His Real Life I have friends from D.C. and my Howard friends and Wall Street friends. Now, I have my Hollywood entertainment friends. Plus, my character’s mother was a loud voice in his head and, coming from a single-parent home, I have a loud [mother], too. She’s louder than Loretta Devine and in two languages. So, there is a balancing act because you can have the same situation, and these groups give you different ways to respond. One thing the film taught me is that, at a certain point, you have to stand up for yourself and make your own decisions. You have to have that to make love last and face anyone in your life to put love first.


Brian White has landed the lead role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming romantic drama “Good Deeds.”

White will play Walter Deeds, the brother of wealthy entrepreneur Glen Deeds (Perry). Perry’s character becomes smitten with a single mother who’s down on her luck (Thandie Newton) after his relationship with his fiancee (Gabrielle Union) begins to lose its luster. The cast is filled out by Phylicia Rashad, Rebecca Romijn, Eddie Cibrian and Jamie Kennedy.

Principal photography for “Good Deeds” begins in Atlanta on April 25.

White has worked with Perry previously, in the 2000 film “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” He also stars as Marcus on the TNT comedy “Men of a Certain Age.”

“Good Deeds” will be released via Lionsgate and 34th Street Films. White is represented by UTA and Luber Roklin Entertainment.

Gabrielle Union & Beverly Johnson On The Set Of Tyler Perry’s ” Good Deeds”

Nicki Minaj has delayed the premiere of her video for her new single ‘Super Bass,’ much to the dismay of eager hip-hop fans and Barbies.

Minaj announced yesterday via Twitter that her music video will not make its debut today on BET’s ‘106 & Park’ as originally scheduled. “Super Bass is no longer coming out tmrw,” she tweeted with no further explanation.

‘Super Bass’ is the latest single off of Nicki’s chart-topping debut album ‘Pink Friday.’ ‘106 & Park’ aired a sneak peek preview of the vid to tide fans over, which has of course found its way onto the Internet.
The second-hand video shows Minaj shimmying and shaking, leading a pack of pink-wigged dancers in daisy dukes. The ‘Super Bass’ video was directed by Sanaa Hamri, who has also worked with superstars like Mariah Carey, Prince and Jay-Z to name a few.

Although the new video’s release has been delayed, Minaj has certainly been keeping herself busy otherwise. She’s prepping to go on tour with Britney Spears and recently dropped a remix of Brit’s ‘Till the World Ends’ track.

This is too funny!!

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