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I’m Papy (Poppy… yes that is my real name) and started my career in radio in 2000, but now radio has become extremely corporate; which takes a lot of the spontaneity, creativity and variety out of the music.  Working for many different radio stations in 6 different formats (Philly, Memphis and Dallas) has exposed me to a wide range of music. There is so much missing from radio or music in particular. Look at it like this:

Hip hop is more than just a type of music, it’s a way of life. One of the original pioneers of hip hop, KRS1, said it best. “Rap is something you do, and hip hop is something you live.” Diggin’ In the Crates has taken this concept, perfected it and made it into a syndicated radio program. When most people think of old school, they think of their parents music, or either something outdated.

DITCRadio has flipped the script on all of the old conventional thinking; it’s electric and gives the listeners an old school show with a new school feel. The passion and knowledge of the culture penetrates through and holds your attention. From rap to R&B, hip hop has effected both formats and made its mark on the American culture.

We go back to when, where and how it all began. The art form that started on the streets of Bronx, NY, the graffiti that stain the sides of train cars, the two turntables and a microphone and the art of battle rappin,’ is just all but a small part of the culture. DITCRadio began in 2010 and since it’s creation has become the official station for old school hip hop, changed the way people listen to and enjoy the hip hop classics, and has been featured in In Touch magazine as well as CNN.