Deion Sanders Ordered To Pay Over 10K A Month In Child Support (details)


Deion Sanders is upset after a judge ordered him to pay over $10,000/month in child support to his estranged wife Pilar.

Sanders says $10k/month is actually six times more than Texas law requires and he wants that price tag reduced!!

Pilar thinks it is fair of course, because she says he is worth somewhere around $250 MILLION.

The breakdown:
– $2,000/month for a special diet for the kids
— $900/month on uniforms and shoes for the kids’ sports activities
— $500/ month on the children’s cell phones

She says sh spends $450 on haircuts for her sons and treatments for her daughter’s “very thick curly hair.” Com’on Son!!

Pilar’s lawyer says,

“Once again, Mr. Sanders has not followed the Court’s direct orders and has attempted to make up his own rules. It is clear that he still thinks he is “above the law.”

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