howard suspended

Dwight Howard license has been suspended because he is constantly running red lights according to TMZ Sports.

The NBA star was captured by those red light cameras in Orange County, FL over and over again … starting in 2012, when he was busted 9 times in 10 months.

Then, after a year-and-a-half without a violation, he couldn’t help it and ran another red light on July 1st … his 10th overall infraction.

Howard’s license can be reinstated if he pays a $285 fine. That’s chump change for him!

Daily News reports,

league source told the Daily News that the Lakers stars got into a heated exchange following a New Year’s Day loss to the 76ers, and Bryant went for a low blow – referencing and agreeing with Shaquille O’Neal’s criticisms of Howard being soft.

Howard was restrained from going at his teammate, according to the source, and there have been rumblings from the center’s camp that he’s been unhappy with Bryant since earlier in the season.

Three days after the altercation, following a disheartening loss to the Clippers, Howard complained about the lack of chemistry on the Lakers. It was a comment seemingly directed at Bryant, who is averaging a league-high 22 shots despite playing with three potential Hall of Famers.Howard again hinted at the disconnect on Saturday. There were always concerns over whether Bryant, a no-nonsense veteran, and Howard, a playful man-child, could co-exist.“(Chemistry) is something we have to do to get better,” Howard told reporters in L.A. “We have to play like we like each other. Even if we don’t want to be friends off the court, whatever that may be, when we step in between the lines or we step in the locker room or the gym, we have to respect each other and what we bring to the table.”

Howard, a pending free agent, has not committed to Los Angeles beyond this season.

If the Lakers decide Howard won’t re-sign, they risk losing him for nothing and it becomes more likely they trade the six-time All-Star.

“Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed, the baby mama of Dwight Howard, says the custody battle they are engaged in for their son isn’t fair because he has too much money.

According to TMZ, Royce claims that Dwight makes over $1.3 million per month and should just give her the money because he can afford it. Reed says she will go broke trying to fight this battle in court.She had a $44,113.50 bill and is expected to tack on another $60k plus if she continues to fight … for a grand total of $106,621.80.


Royce Reed got on twitter and officially confirmed something that we already knew…that she won’t be on the new season of Basketball Wives.

She tweeted this:

Los Angeles Times reports,

The Lakers have positioned themselves to essentially surrender Andrew Bynum for Howard in a four-team deal. Bynum is now going to do his handicap parking in Philadelphia.

And Dwight Howard has already told the Lakers he will sign a five-year contract extension next summer, standing to make more money while playing out this season.

“That’s what makes this even more exciting and why I said what I did,” says Magic, who had a chat with Howard a couple of weeks ago. “We now will have our superstar when Kobe is gone. This is what the Lakers are.”

Reporters across the country had it all wrong much of Thursday, suggesting it would take Bynum as well as Pau Gasol to make this work. But the Lakers apparently were not so crazy.

They can now team Howard and Gasol together with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, making the Lakers the favorites going four-on-five with almost any team in the league.

“This makes them ahead of Oklahoma City and I think they will win the championship,” Magic says, and everyone can only hope the Lakers dismiss Miami just as easily. “It’s just unbelievable.”


The judge in Dwight Howard and Royce Reed’s custody case has refused to step down reports TMZ.

Reed says Dwight’s attorney is listed as one of Shea’s endorsers on his website … so there’s also a conflict of interest.

Dwight responded and said the only reason she thinks the judge is bias is because of the way she behaves in court

“making faces, spinning around in a chair, laughing” … and even “storming out of the courtroom.”

This week, the judge refused to remove himself from the case.

Royce’s attorney Jane Carey says

“We believe that the judge’s ruling is erroneous and that it does not conform to the governing case law.” We’re told Reed plans to take her case to the Supreme Court.

Royce Reed wants the judge removed off her custody case with NBA star Dwight Howard…because she says he is bias against women who have children out of wedlock, reports TMZ

Royce Reed is battling Dwight in court in an effort to retain primary custody of their son….and Dwight is claiming she is making it difficult for him to see the boy on his scheduled days.

Reed says judge Tim Shea wouldn’t let her present her side during a court hearing last month. Reed’s lawyer also filed an affidavit saying that during the hearing, Judge Shea said he would award Howard custody, then decided to delay his decision … despite the fact no evidence had been presented.

Reed pleads in the docs, “I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my son.”

Royce Reed, from VH1’s Basketball Wives,” tweeted a picture of her NOW man, Dezmon Briscoe…wide receiver for the Tampa Buccaneers…sleeping in bed with her son Braylon Howard, who she had with Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. How ill is that?!?


The Cheap Seats had this to say:

Rumors have begun circulating that the Lakers are willing to deal any player not named Kobe in whatever configuration is necessary to re-load their squad with the best point guard and the best center that the NBA has to offer. Not since the mid-80’s has the franchise had that kind of talent base, and this Lakers team may even have the assets to pull off such a coup if they get the right third parties involved.

The Orlando Magic Dwight Howard talks about the lockout, fatherhood and about his brand.

SR: I know it’s a subject you haven’t wanted to talk about publicly, but is fatherhood a part of your life?

DH: It’s very important. Hopefully me and my son’s mom will come to a better agreement for my son. When I do see him, we have the best time in the world. He acts just like me. He tries to run like me. He looks back and smiles like me. Fatherhood is great and it will get better. He’s young. He’s gonna need his father in his life. People say you don’t need a father to be successful. I take offense to that. I had an argument with my mom about Father’s Day and why it’s not celebrated like Mother’s Day.

SR: I’ve been around the NBA enough as a writer to see the women who would give anything just to get impregnated. And I’ve seen the men who didn’t care how many kids they had in how many different places, just as long as they had someone to fuck on the road. Pardon my French.

DH: I understand. With some of my teammates, they try so hard to be around their kid, and then the mother of their child makes it so hard. A lot of guys just say, “I’m not gonna deal with it.”

SR: It’s always the kids who pay the price.

DH: I would never, ever desert my child. A lot of my friends didn’t have fathers growing up, and they were very upset that their fathers weren’t around. I was lucky to have mine around.

SR: What’s your itinerary after Fashion Week?

DH: I’m gonna go home and train real hard for about two weeks, and then I’m going to get the team together and we’re going to train as a team every day. Just find ways to stay together.

SR: Have you been working with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer?

DH: We’ve worked out. We’re getting on a schedule in a couple of weeks where he comes down to Orlando. The only way my game is going to free up is if I start shooting 80 per-cent or better from the line. That’s going to be my main area of concern this year, getting my free throws better. I met the best shooting coach I could ever find — I’ve seen him make 200 free throws in a row with his eyes closed, all net, no rim, nothing. He’s all science, man — he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.

WAITRESS: How is everything so far?

DH: Everything is great.

WAITRESS: Pace yourself. Save room for dessert, too.

DH: Oh, lord.

SR: You really need to take better care of yourself, brother.

DH: My trainer’s gonna be upset.

SR: You’ve got a smile that other human beings respond to. It’s a beautiful smile, even during games.

DH: When I’m smiling and having fun, that’s when you should have a problem. If I’m out there frowning and looking mean, that’s when you know you’ve beat me — because I’m not having fun. I’ve been playing basketball since I was three. Everybody since I was three tried to tell me to stop smiling. Even my dad. My dad apologized to me when I was ten. He said, “Dwight, I remember I told you to stop smiling. I like when you smile. Keep doing it. I’m sorry for ever telling you not to smile.” I said, “Dad, look, I’m young. This is what brings me joy. This is my sanctuary. This is my church. This is where I show God that I’m thankful for life.” I’m going to show it when I play basketball, when I’m on the streets, when I’m having fun. When I’m anywhere, I’m going to show God that I’m thankful just for life. I’m living out my dream. This is what I want to do.