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Miami Heat center Chris Bosh will miss the rest of the NBA season after he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in his lungs). The 30-year-old Dallas native was diagnosed with the potentially fatal blood disorder last week after complaining of chest discomfort while vacationing in Haiti with his wife, Adrienne Bosh, and Heat teammate Dwyane Wade.

Someone uploaded this photo of Bosh and his son, Jackson on Bosh’s Instagram page on Saturday. The caption reads: “Thank you for all the messages, love, and support. It has truly lifted my spirits through this tough process.”

Pulmonary embolism is associated with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a condition that causes blood clots to form in the lower legs. DVT is brought on by sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Former Portland Trail Blazers star Jerome Kersey died of a blood clot in his lung on Wednesday at age 52, ESPN reports. And Brooklyn forward Mirza Teletovic is out for the season after doctors found blood clots in his lungs.

Bosh’s Miami Heat teammate Udonis Haslem recently revealed he suffered from pulmonary embolism during the 2010-2011 season.

PE is preventable if caught early, but treatment with blood thinners can take months. Doctors usually order bed rest or decreased mobility initially to prevent blood clots from breaking off in the deep veins of the legs and traveling to the lungs or the heart.



Sandra Rose reports,

Miami Heat NBA star Dwyane Wade and his lovely wife Gabrielle Union hosted his annual Night On the RunWade fashion show in Coral Gables, Florida last night. Wade’s Miami Heat teammates Shannon Brown, Chris Bosh, Chris “Birdman” Anderson and Norris Cole attended the event.

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Wade and Union wed1
Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade finally made it official and were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Chateau Artisan Miami…a castle that sits on 14 acres amid a private lake and royal gardens.
There were about 200 wedding guests, which included Kevin Hart and his fiancée Eniko Parrish, Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie, Terrence J, BET’s Stephen Hill, Quentin Richardson, Dorell Wright, Carmelo and La La Anthony, LeBron James, producer Will Packer, actress AJ Johnson, Donte Stallworth and ring designer Jason of Beverly Hills.
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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are ready for their new beginning as husband and wife…they have sent out their “save the date” video to all the wedding guests, according to TMZ.

Show Wade proposing and allowing all the kids to be a part of the proposal as well….aweeeeeeeeeeee!

The two are set to tie the knot in Miami on August 30th and banning the guest from social media during the reception.

wade marraige

wade love child1

If you remember we reported that Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade had a child outside of his relationship with Gabrielle Union, while they were “temporarily separated.” Welp we have the pics of little Xavier Zechariah Wade.

His mother Aja Metoyer put out a photo that was picked up by bloggers Jocks and Stiletto Jill.

wade love child2

Necole Bitchie


Gabrielle Union sits down with Glamoour Magazine and talks hew new BET series Being Mary Jane and her break up with NBA superstar Dwyane Wade….

“[When Dwyane and I broke up briefly in 2013], it was because of distance and scheduling,” she said. “I finished filming the show, then I flew to Vegas right away to start shooting Think Like a Man Too. I couldn’t take time off, and I missed some quality togetherness we desperately needed.”

Union doesn’t believe that men are innately wired to cheat. Instead, she believes the 31-year-old NBA superstar stepped out on her because she wasn’t affectionate enough or available to him when he wanted to get frisky in the bedroom.

Gabby, who acknowledges she is self-centered, said she plans to be more affectionate with Wade, and to initiate an open door policy to be available for sex whenever Wade is in the mood.

So far the change in her attitude seems to be working for the couple.

“Dwyane generally gets up before I do to go to the gym, and he’s never left without kissing me and telling me he loves me,” said Union. “As for me, I am complimentary to the point where I am almost a little Chester the Molester-y. I think he’s so delicious. Watching him get out of the shower never gets old. Never. It’s not like he ever wonders what I’m thinking, but usually he’s thinking, She needs a cold shower!”

Union said their 10-year age difference was a non-factor when she met Wade, who is raising two sons from a previous marriage and a nephew as well.

“After I had a heart-crushing breakup with yet another immature jerk, I thought, it can’t be any worse if I date a fetus. Let’s just see what happens,” said Union. “Turned out he’d been on his own since he was 15. He had wisdom that comes with facing an insane amount of adversity. He’s sweet, funny, honest about his shortcomings. When I put my preconceived notions to the side, I found someone cool.”


Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade confirmed to news reporters about his infant son, fathered during a temporary breakup with a fiancée Gabrielle Union.

“I’m in the public eye, so obviously that’s a part of it,” Wade said. “It comes with the territory. But, it’s kind of … as I’ve always done my whole life … is always focus on what’s most important to me and my family, and that’s being a great father. I’ve always tried to show my importance in my kids’ lives and it doesn’t change now.

“But, yeah, I had a time … in our pain and our hurt, (but) a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy. So, I’m moving on.”

Wade did get a chance to see his new son, who is about 1 month old.

“You know me,” Wade said. “I’m involved in my kids’ lives. When my kids were living at home with me, or wasn’t living at home with me, I tried to do everything I could to see them.”

Birth certificate for Xavier Zechariah Wade (father unnamed) shows he was born last month to 30-year-old Aja Metoyer. She already has two other children (one with Daman Wayans Jr.)  If you can;t do the math then we will do it for you..that means…..Xavier was born 6 weeks before Dwyane proposed to Gabrielle.


ET reports,

NBA star Dwyane Wade recently spent time with his new baby boy he fathered with a woman while on a break with now-fiancée Gabrielle Union.

Wade, 31, and Union, 41, who were officially engaged last week, have worked through the issue privately as a couple, and the Bring It On star was aware of the child before their engagement. Wade has known the mother of his youngest son “for many years.”

The long-time couple, who have been dating since 2009, are still very much committed to spending their lives together, and according to the Miami Heat star last week, a September wedding is likely.


Over the weekend Dwyane Wade finally asked Gabrielle Union to marry him! Congrats to the couple making it official!