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Laura Govan is featured in the February 13th issue of J’Adore Magazine and talks about her issues with Shaunie O’Neal, the Basketball Wives L.A. cast and her baby daddy  iGilbert Arenas.

Here are the excerpt:

On Shaunie O’Neal:

“I don’t have a relationship with Shaunie and I never will. The information she was given about Shaq and I was false, and she took it and ran with it. I didn’t appreciate it at all and for that reason I will never speak to her again. I don’t have beef with her. If we see each other, I won’t chin check her, but that’s why I chose to do Basketball Wives LA. I wanted people to see exactly who I am opposed to what you heard on Season One: Miami. I mean, there were five grown women talking about me and they had no idea who I was. That was unfair, but it goes to show you where their mentality was.”

On Developing A Brand:

“My kids are my world! So right now I’m in the process of creating a product line for women & children. The line will include a workout DVD for new moms who’ve just given birth and want to lose their pregnancy weight, children books & more! A lot of people suggested I do stuff like write a book or cosmetics, etc. but I really wanted to do something that was true to me.”

On Gilbert Arenas:

“We love each other. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but we have four kids together and like I tell most people, we are doing better than most married couples. I knew the person before I knew the athlete. Whether he still plays ball or not, I’m still going to be married to the person that I fell in love with. We’re not announcing the date yet. When we do, it will be small and intimate. We actually got engaged three years ago. That ring that everyone saw is three years old. If anything, he needs to upgrade that ring. We’ve been together for 10 years.”


The on-again/off-again relationship of Gilbert Arenas and his girlfriend/babymama Laura Govan played like a reality show, so it was probably inevitable that it would end up on television.

Govan has joined the cast of “Basketball Wives LA,” VH1’s spinoff of the hit series about the wives, girlfriends and exes of NBA players. Also on the show: Govan’s younger sister Gloria, who appeared on the first season and is long-term engaged to Matt Barnes of the Lakers.

“I just wanted to showcase a new chapter in my life,” Govan told us Monday. “A fresh start, a fresh outlook on life as a single mom.”

Not just any single mom: She gave birth just three weeks ago to son Aloni, her fourth child with Arenas. The two broke up six months ago (he was traded to Orlando, she went to L.A.) and are locked in a contentious child support case. Govan said she and Gilbert

“don’t communicate” but are working “for the best interests” of the children.


NBA’s Gilbert Arenas wants a judge to pull the plug on “Basketball Wives: Los Angeles,” claiming his baby mama is illegally exploiting him by appearing on the show.

The Orlando Magic guard claims Laura Govan the mother of his 4 children signed up to do “Basketball Wives” solely to become a television personality.  In the lawsuit, Arenas claims even though the soon-to-be-debuted series doesn’t mention him by name,

“the very presence of defendant Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference to [Arenas].”

And Arenas notes his name was used in the press release announcing Govan had joined the cast.

Gilbert claims Govan and the producers have no right to use his name or likeness  expressed or implied so he’s asking a judge to slap an injunction on the show so it can’t air.


Gilbert Arenas picked up and left his baby moms/fiancee’ (and then-pregnant) Laura Govan (sister to “Basketball Wife” Gloria Govan) several months ago as soon as he was traded from the Washington Wizards to the Orlando Magic.

The two had been on the downside of their tumultuous relationship.  He clearly wanted nothing to do with her as this wasn’t the first time he was estranged from them.

Sources say Laura never paid the moving company she hired to come her and the kids’ ish in January 2011.  She used Gilbert’s credit card to finance the move and put down a $50.00 deposit for the $25,000 move.  She manually approved the charges once her items arrived to California end of January.

Gilbert wrote to the moving company in mid February about 2 weeks after Laura issued him child support papers during one of his basketball games that the two credit card charges Laura made to the company were fraudulent and he never approved them.

American Express refunded the money back to Gilbert, and Laura then changed the name on the contract–“to protect the privacy of the family”–to Laura Mendoza-Govan instead of Laura Arenas.

So JK Moving & Storage company is suing the couple for breach of contract under both their names. And they’re demanding their full balance of more than $25,000, plus interest and 40% of attorney fees.

The Washington Post reports –

The 9-year relationship of Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan has been a famously stormy one – breakups interspersed with reunions, babies and one elaborate marriage proposal.

But this time, with the former Washington Wizards star’s recent departure for Orlando, the drama appears to have gone nuclear. A representative for Govan – yes, there are reps involved this time – told The Washington Post that Arenas has cut off communication and funds from her and their three children.

Govan, who is four months pregnant with their fourth child, “has not heard from Arenas the whole month of December,” said publicist Laura Wright in an e-mailed statement. “Govan and the children feel like they have been abandoned.”

Wright – who has worked for Govan’s sister Gloria and her fiance, Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes – said that Govan was left at their Great Falls home “with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts.”

A representative for the Orlando Magic, playing in Cleveland on Tuesday night, said they had not been able to reach Arenas for comment by press time.

The breakup happened around Thanksgiving. Though he didn’t reveal a relationship rift at the time, Arenas recently told reporters he had been staying with Wizards teammate Nick Young for about a month.