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Paris Hilton’s new reality show on Oxygen debuted to disastrous ratings last week, but rather than accept some blame, insiders tell me Paris is pointing her finger at the network.

“Paris is furious that the show didn’t premiere at the time it was supposed to,” an insider tells me when speaking about ‘The World According to Paris.’ “She worked her tail off doing promotion and publicity for the show and then because of a technical mistake, the show aired at a completely different time in a lot of markets.”

A representative from the network denies that there were any glitches in her premiere episode.

“The show premiered at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1 as was promoted,” an Oxygen spokesperson told me in a statement. “There were no technical mistakes. We look forward to a very exciting run of the series.”

This week’s episode brings together Paris and Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller, whose ongoing substance abuse struggles will be addressed. The rep said this week’s episode with feature Brooke’s “cry for help.”

Her busy week of promotion also included a rough interview on ‘The View,’ where Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg grilled the socialite on the frivolity of her show. She reportedly flipped out backstage and got into a shouting match with a producer. In short, it was a disaster and she canceled events because of it.

“Paris’ second season on that MTV show where she found a new friend was a disaster and she hasn’t been able to sell a magazine cover since the Kardashians arrived,” a TV insider tells me. “If the numbers remain less then the 400,000 that tuned in last week she could get pulled off the air.”