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A new book, entitled The Man Behind The Man is putting R&B legend R Kelly on blast. The book, which is set to be released any day now is claiming that R Kelly actually got Aaliyah pregnant  when she was 15 and that’s why he married her.
Here are the excerpts that we got:

“I think she’s pregnant” he said, in a voice that sounded as if he wanted to burst out in tears. “Oh man, Rob” was all I could say at the time. Derrel McDavid arranged for a car to pick Aaliyah up at O’Hare airport and she had a hotel room available on arrival. This was crazy! How were we going to get through this without causing ill feelings with Barry Hankerson,

And another:

“How you gone marry Aaliyah Rob?” I asked in bitter sadness. I wanted him to relinquish his idea on how that was going to happen.