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As far as we Fantashia met up with hew new boo boo, Kendall Taylor, a few month ago…and now we are hearing rumors that the two are already living as husband and wife.

Before being inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame Fantashia posted this:

This Man…. Lord!!!! My Mr and I’m Mrs [heart emoji]. . Daddy He Is… What A Night is all I can say.. Ending it with you Baby Makes it All Better

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wiz and new chic3

The divorce isn’t even final yet with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa is already boo’ed up with German foreign model, Sara Dastjani. Khalifa and Dastjani were seen on a date at The Emerson Theatre.

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In the wake of the first US reported case of Ebola as well as the first death, someone thought it would be a good idea to make a Halloween costume out of the situation. I guess it would make sense since we are a capitalistic society. We can almost guarantee you will see this outfit more than once on Halloween night…smh. Happy Halloween!


Elise Neal just committed a fashion no no! Elise wore a knock off designer dress to ‘The Real’ daytime talk show. Talking With Tami reports,

Chile, I can’t believe my eyes this morning as I sat and watched The Real daytime talk show hosts interview actress Elise Neal. She was there along with the other ladies to promote their new reality show Hollywood Divas that airs tonightI was in shock because Elise Neal was sitting on “national tv” with a VERY questionable and poorly made dress that resembled a very famous designer!

knock off

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Well this didn’t go as planned :(

*EXCLUSIVE* Nick Cannon displays his Mariah tattoo cover up job *EXCLUSIVE* Nick Cannon displays his Mariah tattoo cover up job

Check out the before pic below…they did a great job. I bet he will never do that again!…haha

nick tat coverup5


tashia new man1

Fantasia Barrino has boo and his name is Kendall Taylor. Very nice looking man and she seems to be head over heels…let’s pray this works for you Tashia. Congrats!

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blu gets sick1

Beyonce Knowles-Carter had to go into mom mode quick fast in a hurry. While touring Picasso Museum in Antibes, France…Blue got sick. Of course there was no where to put it so she vomited into mommy Bey’s hand. That is a true momma right there!!

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"Get On Up" New York Premiere - Arrivals


R&B songbird Jill Scott is the latest victim of celebrity hacking. Two images that appear to be the singer taking selfies in front of a bathroom mirror surfaced online, circulating via Twitter on Wednesday (Sept. 4).

We won’t post the photos here but in one picture, Scott is semi-naked and wearing a robe, while in the other image she’s completely nude and wearing some tights.

Scott addressed the authenticity of the photos in a few statements on Twitter. While she admits one of the near-naked images is hers, the other she denies.

After a huge online leak of celebrity nude photos occurred a few days ago — Ariana Grande among them — it looks like no artist is safe if there are nude pictures on their phone or computer.

Let this be a warning for everyone out there to be very cautious when taking selfies.