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Sources say ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ starĀ  Stevie J has hooked up with (Tammie Grant) ex-wife of NBA player Gary Grant. But wait there’s more…He and Tammie Grant are expecting a child together.

But the plot thickens because rumor has it that he is already engaged to Joseline Hernandez…sources say that Tammie Grant and Stevie actually planned this pregnancy and are in talks to get married.

“Hello, I am the assistant to Tammie Grant and here is an announcement.

Stevie J is expecting a baby with Tammie Grant, which they just received the news. Stevie and Tammie have known each other for a while and recently began seeing each other. Tammie Grant was married to NBA player Gary Grant and is now divorced. The pregnancy was planned between Stevie and Tammie as well of talks of marriage. The couple will keep the details of their relationship private due to the current situation.”


We don’t know what is going on with this dude…but he is living real foul right now!