Michael Phelps has been dubbed the face of a new Louis Vuitton ad featuring  him in the bathtub. But Louis Vuitton says

“the picture was “stolen” and is “NOT an LV image.” So we’ve taken it down, even though no one denied that it just might be an LV image someday.”


16-year-old Gabby Douglas won gold and has just been presented with a lucrative product enforcement deal.

Kellogg’s presented Gabby with a Corn Flakes box with her on the cover right after she claimed the all-around title.

She is amongst many Olympic athletes who have their own cereal box…in 2008 Michael Phelps as an endorser after his historic performance at the Beijing Games. P

CBS News reports,

“As a 16-year-old, she has really got kind of the sky is the limit. She brings so many intangibles that marketers look for. She’s young. She’s fresh. She’s a new face,” media consultant Joe Favorito told CBS News.

Douglas is the first African-American to make the U.S. women’s gymnastics team since her idol, Dominique Dawes, in 1996.

Dawes told CBS News that Douglas can expect endorsement deals to begin pouring in. She said, “(Gabby is) going to start quickly recognizing that she’s a business, she’s a brand, and she should be very selective in the people she surrounds herself with and the opportunities she decides to take.”


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte won Gold in the 400m Individual medley on Saturday and wore his own personal iced out grill. The grill was designed like the American Flag…of course he was banned from wearing it at the podium but he did put them in right after..hahaha Hip hop culture has taken over the Olympics!!

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